Peru - Cajamarca بيرو - كاجاماركا


Peru - Cajamarca بيرو - كاجاماركا

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espresso and filter friendly صالحة للفلتر والاسبريسو

Peruvian coffee in the beginning is not cultivated for commercial export until nearly the 20th century. With increased demand from Europe and the significant decrease in coffee production in Indonesia, and the influence of British helped increasing the export of Peruvian coffee. 

Eventough Peruvian coffee usually used for a blender especially as a seasonal replacement for Mexican coffees, we've found that Peruvian coffee is interesting and could stand alone as a single origin since it offers wide arrange of notes.

The Cup

Tart, chocolatey, creamy, almond, herbal aftertaste

حامض تشوكلت كريمي ومكسرات

Origin الدولة

Peru بيرو

Region المنطقة

San Jose de Lourdes, Cajamarca سان هوسيه كاجاماركا

Farm المزرعه

Various Smallholder Farmers

Variety السلاله

Catimor, Caturra, Typica, Bourbon بوربون، كاتورا، تيبكا 

Altitude الارتفاع

1170-1900 masl

Proc. Method المعالجة

Washed مغسولة