How long does it take for a shipment to arrive?
In most cases, orders are processed within one working day after the payment confirmation and arrive within two working days. In rare cases, up to 5 working days depending on the source of the products ordered. If it took more than 5 working days please contact us at care@hadict.com .

Is there a warranty for the products?
Hadi guarantees everything sold on the platform to arrive as described in the description of the product and the promised situation, and obliges sellers on the platform to follow the laws of the Ministry of Commerce to ensure some electrical appliances according to what is obligated to it.

Who owns Hadi platform?
Hadi platform is wholly owned by Al Hadi Coffee Trading Company, a company registered in Saudi Arabia with commercial registration number 2052101074

What is Hadi's refund policy?
All non-consumable products such as accessories and equipment are subject to refund within the first 10 days of receipt of the product for any reason provided that they have not been used by the customer and will be returned for free and the product will be refunded after confirmation by Hadi.

When do you ship coffee subscriptions?
Black, espresso and Arabic coffee subscriptions are shipped between 20 and 25 each month.

What does Hadi's name mean?
Hadi's name is inspired by the Arabic name of the Pacific Ocean since it is the largest ocean on the planet and via it most of the world's tea and coffee get transported.

Why is the blue color chosen in the identity?
Blue represents the color of water which is essential for making both tea and coffee, Also it is the color of the ocean that hadi has been named after.

When was Hadi founded?
Hadi started as an idea in December 2017 and the first order was fulfilled in July 2018.

Who works in Hadi?
Behind Hadi is a group of ambitious young men and women from different backgrounds who work tirelessly to create the best experience for tea and coffee lovers.

Do you have training?
We provide training for university students and graduates in all majors of business, computer and logistics operations.

Do you have employment?
Hadi is always working to attract the best talent to develop and build a sustainable system that benefits the employees, the company and the economy as a whole.